Tuesday, December 07, 2010

NO ESCAPE - demo (Tape) self released ca. 1990

After years just listening to bad tape dubs - or later as mp3 when the Contrast Records site had a huger audio section (there used to be the demo once) - I finally got it (thanks Gonzo). For many these are their best songs together with the split 7" stuff - most of my friends do not like the album1. The production - it's a demo! - is not the best and there is a lot of tape noise/ distortion, but you can easily get the direction this band was going in 1990..... Burn, Grunge, Youth Crew bands slowing down in sound, Amphetamine Reptile Records, ABC No Rio bands... it's all there, but quite unique in my opinion. Still lacks the power of the album so I do not get the people who prefer this demo to anything the band has done later.

NO ESCAPE - demo (Tape) self released ca. 1990

side a:
1. Falling
2. Thread
3. Blind

side b:
1. Search
2. Guilty
[MP32, 320k, password: antithesis, mirror 1, mirror 2]

No Escape at Bandtoband.com

1 Two songs ended up rerecorded on the album.

2 you can stop sending those gumbo mails now


Horizons Inc. said...

Thanks for the mentioning - and uploading this gem.

I always thought of these Versions as a different thing compared to later recordings - so it's worth for everyone to download it as a unit. Maybe one should try to get a hold of the REAL cd ....no, I won't sell mine

I would've liked if you linked my nickname to my blog, since the MySpace is no real deal, and wasn't done by me:

Hirsinger Youth said...

ei yo, I have all versions :), but I think the Lost and Found copy sounds best - at least to my ears. Cheers!

Linktausch geht klaro.