Saturday, February 24, 2007


Original Struggle shirt printed by Ebullition. There was a different version with colours for their US tour I think. When I was younger - I got into punk and hardcore at the peak of the 90ies political hc - I was obsessed with Struggle. I had this friend Axel in a great band called Liederkranz Seemann-Kahne who wore a wornout Struggle patch on his jeans jacket not willing to give it to me and I thought about a hundred ways how to steal the patch off his jacket or his whole jacket.
Their 7" from which the front motive is taken is a real great hardcore record and was the missing link between Downcast and Rorschach. Their lp was even a huge step towards the whole later San Diego stuff. No wonder since later members of Swing Kids (Eric Allen), Locust and Bread and Circuits played in Struggle.
The backprint is oh so 90ies but still causes some reactions. I think the bandmembers wouldn' t print such stuff today and they even left out some booklet pages from their vinyl releases on the discography cd which makes me feel quite comfortable about them progressing (with a huge "intifada worldwide" in their lp booklet they just had to!). GSL once had a nice tree graphic about all the members of those bands and how they are connected to each other but this one seems offline now. But try this one on


Axel said...

If you are desiring something - don´t think about stealing it. just ask...

your old friend axel

Hirsinger Youth said...

Hey Axel,

alles klar... habe mir vorhin überlegt, ob es nicht gar ein U.O.A. Patch war, den ich Dir immer abziehen wollte... hahahahahahaha... auch ich werde alt.