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V/A - Education (LP) Mountain Records #04 1994

Uh, back from the dead. Thanks to all those who wrote.

Last part concerning Floodgate: the "Education" compilation on the now defunct Mountain label. Here are some notes by Jeff from Mountain Records:

"The Education compilation was Mountain's first release to focus not just on music but also address a particular social issue. The booklet that came with the LP contained liner notes for the LP as well as lengthy essays by various educators and educatees addressing the titular issue. It examined the complicated relationship that politically-minded, idealistic individuals have to education as it is and should be. All proceeds from the comp, which has now sold all 3,000 copies, went to the East Harlem Tutorial Program.

Musically, this comp is (for me) one of the key records from that period of time between the great wave of HC that spawned bands like Born Against, Rorschach, Econochrist, and the like - and the time when the word "emo" showed up on every page of every hardcore zine applied to every kind of music. Some of these bands are probably familiar to most people: Devoid of Faith, Policy of Three, and Floodgate are all fairly seminal groups. The rest of the comp is no slouch either. Coleman, one of my all time favorites, gives a slower song that spews venom and mucas. Kisses and Hugs offer a spazzcore (emoviolence?) tripcych that is nothing short of great, three short blasts of total fury. The rest of the music ranges from rocking quiet/loud stuff to more simple punk with an emphasis on screaming, bile chucking mid-tempo hardcore. As if the material in the booklet wasn't enough, all these songs address issues of education as well."

Quite self-explanatory, although I think the statements and ideas by the contributors are kinda one-sided and somehow even naive - a very strong "punk rock" view on the topic. But decide for yourself: I included the complete booklet within the zip file. Musically it's also an up and down. Outstanding tracks on this LP are - in my opinion - the Bleed track (must be one of their best), another New York hardcore mid tempo anthem by Devoid Of Faith, Policy Of Three and of course Floodgate. I also like the Citizens Arrest, Void feeling in the Dead Inside track but my favourite is Kisses And Hugs (get their LP and split 7"): three spazztic attacks within 1 minute - if you dig In/Humanity, Eurich, Palatka or the End Of The Century Party you have to love them too.

That was it - concerning Floodgate.

V/A - Education (LP) Mountain Records #04 1994

Side a:
1. DEVOID OF FAITH - I'll Keep You Safe From Me
2. BLEED - Better Days
3. KISSES AND HUGS - Lessons 1-3
5. BENCHMARK - Knowledge Is Power
7. COLEMAN - Homage
8. OX - Channel 1

Side b:
1. FLOODGATE - Ruler
2. SILENCE EQUALS - How Does It Feel To Be The Last One Picked?
4. RAZE - Blackboard
5. DEAD INSIDE - Natural Selection
6. POLICY OF THREE - Twelve Years Down
[OGG Vorbis, 256k, password: antithesis, part 1, part 2, part 3]


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the nation of alili said...

Are you going to put "I can't live without it" on the blog as well - I've alway thought of the two compilations as a pair - similar as the Old Glory LPs - maybe just due to similar artwork and their "punky" approach of an issue.
I think "I can't live without it" is a bit better musically even it has its downs too.
By the way: I completely agree with your opinion on which tracks are the best...

Hirsinger Youth said...

ei yo, folgt.

Anti-Hero said...

An unexpected discovery for the punk community. Really a nice shitty art work. By the way, the zip-file won't open properly and the picture 4 is still hidden. Coulkd you please post page 4 of the booklet here separately, just for a while. I am sorry for this inconvenience.

Hirsinger Youth said...

Zip was fine, but sendspace not. Uploaded in three parts via Sharebee.

Batguano said...

Thanks for putting in the extra effort and scanning the booklet. This comp was a personal inspiration for me being, at the time, an aspiring teacher and hardcore kid (quite the paradox...). The issue of education was handled, as you stated, naively, but at least someone was giving it a shot. Some good music too!

Michelle said...

Oh shit thanks for this! That reminds me, I lost my Old Glory Records t-shirt. This music brings back lots of good memories!