Tuesday, July 31, 2007

STATEMENT - "prepare for battle" bootleg shirt

It's been a while and I am starting with a shirt (again for all the political correct ones): nice screenprinted bootleg shirt with the cover of the second Statement 7" (first one was the split with the Apostles1 (one of the first queer punk bands as far as I can remember)).
I still quarrel with myself since flaunting a huge hardline logo in 2007 might not be the most clever thing to do, but on the other hand: who really remembers hardline? And: Statement wasn't a hardline band - a Wikipedia entry states:

"[...]had a one-man studio project called Statement which initially was aligned with Hardline; however, he discarded the label over a disagreement over the issue of homosexuality."

The shirt is currently available, has a great printing and cotton quality and is a fine thing to antagonise the hippies in town.

1 I am going to post the split 7" and split LP in the near (far) future.


Anonymous said...

be careful! by rocking this shirt you may end up in jail. logos were copyrighted and you are in no position to rock crossed M16s

I'm sure theyre already onto you haha

Where can I get these shirts by the way?
In Japan mid 90s finished just yesterday so I wont get that archaic look haha

Hirsinger Youth said...

Search at Ebay.com; there's a seller with various (nice) bootleg shirts. I think I need the Vegan Reich one too.

I always thought the early/ mid 90ies vegan mosh/ metal is the big thing in Japan? At least music wise...